1-Minute Quick Start Guide

ShareASale Affiliate Program is a marketing system that allows partners to promote OrigamiTime items online. To become an OrigamiTime affiliate, just sign up then share unique referral links on your site or social media. Then you'll earn cash commissions when customers purchase our products via your links.



For You

Plain Commision Rates
10% tiered commission rates

Pay Commissions Quickly
We pay commission on a month-to-month basis, 15 days following the end of each calendar month

30 Days Cookie Period
You’ll get a commission on order as long as the customer that clicked your link purchases within 30 days

All-around Support
We will certainly provide as much support as possible to help you promote more efficient

For Your Customers

Free shipping worldwide

Highly competitive prices

Outstanding customer service

    Common Q & A

    When will I receive commission:

    OrigamiTime Affiliate will receive commission 15 days after the customer confirms receipt, assuming no refund is requested during this period.

    What types of promotion are not permitted:

    To keep the OrigamiTime Affiliate Program as fair as possible, certain promotion methods not permitted, including but not limited to distributing false information, internet traffic interception, search engine marketing, and advertising with OrigamiTime-related keywords.

    Do I earn a commission if an order is paid for with coupons:

    Except for educational discounts, orders paid for with staff, enterprise, or promotional discount coupons will not yield commissions.

    How can I calculate commission amounts?

    Commission = Final Order Amount * Rate of Commission

    If you share a referral link for a particular product, but a customer ends up purchasing another product, the commission will be calculated based on the product they purchased.