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Next, TonyX will show you how to make an origami phone stand DIY with step-by-step instructions. The Origami Phone Case is very sturdy and portable. I think it will bring you a big surprise, working well with your devices in your office and home.


  • Recommended Paper: 8-inch square origami paper with more than 80g/㎡ is best. You can use copy paper or kraft paper in hand.
  • Finished Model Size: ~ 4.4 in x 3.9 in x 1.7 in. According to my tests, it fits in all series iPhone sizes, even in the plus series.

Let's Begin

👣 13 Steps | ⏱️ 5~7 Minutes

The Completed Origami Phone Stand
Designed by Chinese origami artist 周文成
Step 1
Begin the colorless side up. Fold in half, edge to edge, and unfold.
Step 2
Fold in the bottom and top edges to meet at the center crease. Fold up the bottom left corner to meet at the top edge, and unfold. Repeat this process with the top left corner. Your paper should look like this as shown in Fig. 5
Step 3
Rotate the paper 90°. Fold up the bottom edge as shown in Fig. 1, and unfold. Fold up the bottom edge to meet at the horizontal crease, and unfold.
Step 4
Now fold up your bottom edge to meet at the point formed by the diagonal crossing, and unfold. Then fold both bottom corners to this position as shown in Fig. 3.
Step 5
First, turn over and rotate 90°. Fold in half, right to left. Then, rotate again and fold down the top edge of the top layer along 3/4 crease as shown in Fig. 4. From another perspective, your model is shown in Fig. 5.
Step 6
Now fold two corners of the top layer as shown in Fig. 1, and unfold. Fold two 22.5° angles as shown in Fig. 3, and unfold.
Step 7
Unfold the whole sheet of paper with the colorless side up. Fold in half, bottom to top.
Step 8
Inside-reverse-fold the bottom right corner as shown in Fig. 1. Your model will look like this as shown in Fig. 2.
Step 9
Rotate your paper 180 degrees clockwise as shown in Figure 1. Open the top layer and fold up the bottom layer to cover the triangle made in step 8 as shown in Fig. 3 and Fig. 4. Also applied to the upper part, and you should get it as shown in Fig. 6.
Step 10
Turn over your paper and fold to this position as shown in Fig. 2. Inside-reverse-fold both corners to get this result shown in Fig. 4 and 5.
Step 11
Now you've almost finished it. Let's turn over the paper and fold up two bottom corners. Lift the trapezoid shown in Fig. 2 and insert it into the position shown in Fig. 3. Press the connection to make them close as shown in Fig. 4.
Step 12
Turn over your model and press the trapezoid toward the table to make it easier to hold your phone.
Step 13
You can apply glue in the crevices to make the model stronger and more beautiful.
Yup, We Made it 👍
Please share your joy by uploading your photos to the comments box below. 🎉 🎊 🎈

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