How to Make an Origami Crane Flapping Wings

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This article can teach you how to fold an origami crane that can swing its wings.
It is easier to fold than traditional paper cranes.
Are you interested in giving it a try? 📦

👣 5 Steps | ⏰ 4 Minutes

The completed flapping paper crane
📌 Learn how to shape your wings to make it easier for your origami crane to flap its wings.
📌 When pulling the head and tail of a paper crane, put it in the correct position. Notice the video or the white circle mark in step 5.
Step 1
Follow this tutorial How to Make an Origami Crane through to step 8, and your paper should look like this. 📎 Please check your current model as shown in Figure above.
Step 2
Now fold the bottom right corner to the position as shown, and then make an inside-reverse-fold using it.
Step 3
Repeat the previous steps to form the tail of the paper crane.
Step 4
Now make another inside-reverse-fold to form the head of the origami crane, and you Now you get the model as shown
Step 5
Hold and pull the two wings of the crane to stretch its body.
Use your fingers to hold the white circle as shown and pull it gently.
👻 Look, its wings are swinging gently. Have you learned how to do that?

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